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(Hello Dokaka’s World) => 🐭👄🐭👄

Welcome to the Mouse Mouth Music musician’s website.

Contents Description Note
Blog Dokaka’s audio clip being inserted daily, weekly or monthly blog As for the category tags, please refer to this post
About Brief history and profile of Dokaka
Contact How to contact Dokaka via email


What’s New!?

  • Dokaka’s website refactoring project, in early 2024, has been implemented.

    • Refactored to Svelte-based static site, with MDSveX markdown posting system
    • Study Svelte and enjoy customizing my own site at the same time!
    • In the process of getting remotivate myself @ music creation
  • Some small changes would be executed for the next few weeks to complete the website’s refactoring

  • Currently pagination at the category (tag) pages do not work (probably fix soon)

Signature : Dokaka (Shinya Ihara), Feb 3rd 2024, in the decadent country 🖋

Dokaka is THE FRUIT of the following great historical artists, thank you, sir!

  • 🥁 Drummer : Bill Bruford, Ginger Baker, John Bonham, Michael Giles, Bernard Purdie, Ziggy Modeliste, Cozy Powell, and Shinya Ihara
  • 🪕 Bassist : Chuck Rainey, Steve Harris, John Myung, and Jaco Pastorius
  • 🎸 Guitarist : Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and Steve Howe
  • 🎤 Vocalist : Demetrio Stratos, Mick Jagger, James Brown, and Bjork
  • ❓ Unclassified : Miles Davis, Game Music, and Dokaka is THE FRUIT of these modern web technologies, thank you!

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Been operative since 2004 under the same philosophy - No War, But Music!

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