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Death Metal Isolated Tracks

Published: 2021-11-28
Updated: 2021-11-28

Today’s Recording(s)

  • Death Metal Guitar Isolated
  • Death Metal Ride Isolated
  • Death Metal Snare Isolated
  • Death Metal Vocal Isolated
  • Death Metal Hihat Isolated
  • Death Metal Kick Isolated


These isolated tracks, subsequently mixed down to Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, and Morbid Angel Medleys, were recorded in 2007. All mixed down version can be found at The Dokaka Discography, disk 5.

These tracks were picked up directly from recorded folder, so the each head of tracks can not be aligned when you import tracks into your DAW software…sorry.


2007年に録音したものです。The Dokaka Discographyのディスク5に収録されたSlayer、Cannibal Corpse、Morbid Angelメドレーソングの分離トラックです。


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